About Us


Our Company is a people centric company that makes a difference to the patients and people it cares for. It is the driving force behind what we do. We don’t just say it, we deliver it. We do this through the effective delivery of an excellent standard of care and empower our patients to achieve the best outcome for their hearing.

Anthony and Alison create a formidable partnership, delivering expertise in patient care, hearing loss and hearing aid technology.

Anthony is an Independent Hearing Aid Audiologist extremely passionate not only about audiology but also making a tangible difference in the lives of his patients. He is an expert at problem solving and tenacious in his solutions orientated approach.

Alison is an Audiologist and an authority on hearing aid technology. Together with her expertise and position as an esteemed educator, she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the services we provide. Alison supports the service in an advisory capacity.

Anthony Stone HAD MSHAA
Anthony Stone HAD MSHAA